Manual QA Fundamentals

Get an intensive QA learning experience to understand what it takes to deliver great software products.

Manual QA is a a two and a half weekend course that will show you everything that happens after the final line of code up until a flawless delivery.

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Starting Dates

November 11th Completed

March 25th Completed

Price 180€
Course Details

2.5 weekends

Alt Club, Timisoara

12 spots available


3 Saturdays & 2 Sundays

09:00 - 13:00


Who is this course for?

  1. Beginners in the software QA world
  2. Tech enthusiasts who want to get an insight into manual software testing
  3. Anyone who wants to help deliver great software products
Decode Academy course - Manual QA Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Learn from an experienced trainer

  • Adriana Birtea

    QA Manager @ Toluna