Programming Fundamentals: Algorithms

This course will help you consolidate the programming knowledge you already gained from the past courses.

You will discover the territory of regular expressions and you will learn basic operations that can be made with algorithms: sorting and searching. The course is mostly practical, so you will need a laptop; we recommend you create a account.

Starting Dates

To be announced

Price 180€
Course Details

4.5 weeks

Alt Club, Timisoara

14 spots available


Mondays & Wednesdays

18:30 - 21:00


Who is this course for?

  1. Participants in the first Programming Fundamentals course who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts they learned there;
  2. Anyone with basic programming knowledge who wishes to see how a useful piece of software can be built using a set of simple instructions combined in an intelligent way;
  3. People who are curious about the way searching and sorting algorithms work, as well as regular expressions.
Decode Academy course - Programming Fundamentals: Algorithms

What you’ll learn

Learn from experienced trainers